Vita-Signs is an A+ Level HIS-ERP System with Unparalleled Advanced and User-Friendly features equipped with Smart and Efficient Information Management yet exceptionally Cost-Effective.
Salient Features:

Features (All the features can be Plugged into any Edition\Version as per choosing)

  • A Smart and Robust Web-Based Application on par with the available applications in the market , built on All-Powerful Java Platform and Hosted on Microsoft SQL Server Database.
  • A Complete All-in-One ERP Application equipped to cater to All the needs of Healthcare Units at any level , ranging from small Clinics to Big Hospitals.
  • Accessible as Online Web-Based Application and/or a Mobile App.
  • Exceptionally User-Friendly with a refreshing Look and Feel.
  • Self-Service portal for patients and staff.
  • Comprises Security,Front-Office,Out-Patient Management,In-patient Management,Physiotherapy,Laboratory,Radiology,Operation-Theater,Medical Records,Human Resources,Integrated Financial Accounting , Business Intelligence and Integrated Billing,Insurance-Back-Office,Preventive-Healthcare Knowledge Base , Task-Management for IP Management.
  • On-The-Go Pay-And-Obtain-Results facility using Mobile-App.
  • Smartly designed Front-Office Module,with facility for Appointments,Reception and Vital Signs Recording with status checks at Speed-Of-Light,without even requiring to hover the mouse.
  • Doctor Console of highest standards equipped with facilities to create complete record of the Consultation,Prescription,Lab and Radiology Tests (including Packages), Surgeries,Procedures,’Vital Signs’ and Patient ‘Visit History’ references and Issuance of Sick-Leave,Birth/Death Certificates.
  • A Highly sophisticated yet Easy-To-Use facility for Doctors to request Lab and Radiology Tests as Individual Tests , Test-Groups(Patient-Specific Customization facility for the Doctor On-The-Go) and/or Test Packages.
  • Complete In-Patient management facility with detailed control of managing all aspects from ‘Admission’ to ‘Patient-Discharge’.
  • Complete and accurate management of Pharmacies , Stores and all statistics pertaining to Item Stocks with Stock Updates on Pharmacy Sales to Out- Patients or issuance to In-Patient use.
  • Efficient Laboratory Management with integration of Real-Time information processing from the time the “Doctor Requests the Tests” To “Lab-Appointments” To “Sample Collection” To “Recording and Releasing of Test-Results” against corresponding Result Templates that are available for the Doctor for reference On-The-Go.
  • Efficient Radiology Management with integration of Real-Time information processing from the time the “Doctor Requests the Tests” To “Radiology-Appointments” To “Recording and Releasing of Test-Results” that are available for the Doctor for reference On-The-Go.
  • Highly Intelligent Results Management that can be enabled to read Results directly from the Test Machinery into the HIS system avoiding user errors and saving time to enter results.
  • Detailed management of Operation Theater activities with minute and complete information on the Surgeries and Procedures done.
  • Fully Integrated Billing Module with facility to record all kinds of modern payment types.
  • Detailed “Medical Records” management.
  • Fully Integrated Procurement Module.
  • Comes with fully Integrated “Human Resources”, “Financial Accounting” and “Procurement Modules”.
Available Editions :
  • VitaSigns-Elite“For Full-Fledged Medium to Big Hospitals”
  • VitaSigns-Pro “For Small to Medium Hospitals”
  • VitaSigns-XPress “For Medical Centers”
  • VitaSigns-Lite “For Clinics”

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